Relief From Depression

Depression result in any number of negative states; such as anger, fear, worry, dissociation, or complete loss of interest in day-to-day living. These stuck emotions can run just below the level of consciousness, intangible yet often overwhelming. These uncomfortable emotions can dominate our thinking process, and give rise to inappropriate reactions that impair our ability to be at our best.

Neurofeedback Can Help Correct These Feelings

Neurofeedback teaches the brain how to break out of these involuntary habits, allowing a shift back into our natural, contented state – with greater happiness and resilience in whatever circumstances we face. How does neurofeedback training improve depression?

Neurofeedback therapy can help a brain rebuild healthy neural connections. What happens during training is that the brain learns to create new, healthier neural pathways that result in better mood regulation. And, while you`re healing, neurofeedback treatment doesn’t come with any of the side effects that antidepressants can cause.

The Improvements Are Long Lasting

What`s more, is that the improvements gained through neurofeedback training last a long time, similar to learning a new skill that lasts a lifetime (like learning how to ride a bicycle). We begin by observing and analyzing your brainwave distribution with a Brain Map or qEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram). With this data, a custom training protocol is designed that will help re-train your brain and restore its healthy, balanced function. Neurofeedback can provide a permanent, natural solution for depression and its debilitating symptoms.

The Training Is Easy To Do

Unlike most therapy sessions, neurofeedback is a pleasant, enjoyable experience. You get to sit back, relax, and watch a video of your own choosing. While in the session, we will be measuring your brainwave activity using two small sensors. These readings will provide the computer with real-time information on how you are feeling, based on the brainwave output.

Most cases of depression can be related to an excess of Alpha waves in the left hemisphere of the brain. With time, using the audio and visual feedback provided during your training session, your brain will become more balanced. The result – less excess of Alpha waves, and a decrease in your depression!

We`ve made it easy to find out if neurofeedback can help you.

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