Natural Supplements NOT to Take for Your Health

Do you take natural supplements? If yes, should you? If you are not, should you start taking some?

A quick google search revealed that the top three supplements recommended for overall better health are:

  1. Probiotics
  2. Omega-3’s
  3. Vitamin D3

The issue is that this is both good and bad advice.


Probiotics can help with overall gut health and considering that the average American has a crappy gut (pun intended) and that the gut is where approximately 75% of all neurotransmitters are made and where approximately 67% of hormones are made, it might seem prudent to take a probiotic. However, almost all over-the-counter probiotics are severely lacking in quality, quantity, diversity, and/or survivability in the gut. Too many probiotic brands give a few strains that are supposed to be good, but even if a probiotic has 6 strains in it, for example, you are getting virtually a gut monoculture. This is likely not giving you the true diversity that is necessary. Your gut has trillions of bacteria which are comprised of about 5,000 distinct bacteria strains. So, do you think the 6 strains you’re taking are going to bring you true health?

Many brands of bacteria also cannot even survive your naturally harsh acidic stomach thereby making your probiotic capsule basically worthless.

Your gut health will be much better off relying on the food that goes into your hatch (mouth). Raw, organic, and as-close-to-living foods tend to be optimal and therefore should be the end of the food spectrum to lean toward.


Omega-3’s are almost exclusively sold as ‘fish oil’. The major issue with omega 3’s is that most brands are not only not helpful but actually are aging you faster than you would be without them. Yes, they are NOT good for your health. Parent omega 3’s and parent mega 6’s make up over 25% of the membrane of every cell in your body. The issue is that typical fish oils are NOT parent omega 3’s. They are the downstream version of parent omega 3’s that your body actually doesn’t need much of. Yes, that is correct, your body actually does not need mega doses of DHA or EPA (the two types of omega 3’s that are marketed on your fish oil brand). The other major issue with almost all fish oil brands is that they either have toxins in them or are rancid. Rancid oils are about as unhealthy of food as you can possibly eat. Not a good idea. Cochrane researchers (they research all the research) agree. Better to try plant sources of parent omega 3’s and parent omega 6’s. Organic and cold-pressed only.

Vitamin D3

It is true that most of us are low in vitamin D3. Mainly because we don’t get outside in the sun enough. Depending on your skin tone most people will need at least 10-20 minutes of direct sunlight to even start making vitamin D. Then another 10-20 minutes will get you plenty of vitamin D for a week or so. However, avoid sunburns at all costs. They are never good. Now the key, should you choose to take Vitamin D3 as a supplement, is that it needs to be balanced with the other fat-soluble vitamin-like Vitamins A, E, and K. Especially K2. Most people are harming themselves by not balancing these four fat-soluble vitamins out appropriately.

The supplement industry is fraught with fraud. A few studies suggest that around 30% of over-the-counter supplements either do not have the actual dosage of the marketed natural item in them or are laced with undesirable and unhealthy substances.

Natural therapies ought to always be part of the consideration when it comes to making quality health decisions. However just because something is ‘natural’ does not make it the best way, the only way, or the right way.

Hope these gentle yet powerful suggestions empower you to make wise health decisions for yourself or a loved one 😊

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