Improved Memory Function with Neurofeedback

An efficient memory can be tied to a balanced brainwave generation. Specifically, proper Theta brainwave generation at 5 to 8 cycles per second has been shown to directly relate to efficient memory function. However, as we age, the generation of these brainwaves can become imbalanced. A whole new group of drugs, originally designed to help with Alzheimer`s and cognitive decline, are currently in use to try and combat this problem.

Neurofeedback Training Offers A More Natural Approach

First, we must measure your brain`s current brainwave efficiency.

This is done using an advanced technology called a qEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram). This procedure is painless and provides a detailed analysis of the flow of electricity in each lobe of your brain. It is totally non-invasive and takes about twenty minutes.

Next, We Create a Training Regimen To Help Improve Your Memory

Once the measurements are done, we can create a personalized training protocol designed to improve any underlying imbalances. The training itself is easy and enjoyable. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch a movie!

During this time, we will have sensors on your scalp measuring your brainwaves in real time. These measurements allow the equipment to create audio and visual feedback directly to you based on the individual measurements of your brainwave activity. Just like physical exercise helps your body develop new muscle tissue, neurofeedback can help your brain create new neural pathways over time. These new, more efficient pathways are the key to better mental acuity and functioning. Since neurofeedback is completely natural, there are no side effects!

See How Neurofeedback Helped Maggie Bryant

We`ve made it easy to find out if neurofeedback can help you.

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