Kellie Kell, RN MSN FN

Kellie Kell, RN MSN FNP is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner currently getting certified with The Institute of Functional Medicine. She grew up in this area, attended local schools, and is proud to be providing optimal health care directly to her community. Kellie attended USF for her Bachelor’s in Nursing and had a successful ER/Trauma nurse career at Stanford University. She knew she had much more to develop in her career path and decided to pursue her Master’s Degree/Nurse Practitioner at USCF, specializing in family medicine. As an NP, she has been in a variety of settings, including urgent care, women’s health, internal medicine, and the emergency room.

As her career has progressed, her passion for health has evolved into integrating and blending traditional medicine principles with an integrated Functional Medicine model, which is an individualized, science-based approach in which patients and practitioners work together to determine how and why illness occurs and restore health by addressing the root cause of disease, not just “putting band-aids on symptoms.” She believes this is the true path to health and wellness and has helped many people achieve this. She embodies and practices many of the same principles that she suggests for her patients.

Outside of work, Kellie keeps busy working in the ER at USC VHH, being a mother to her 2 children, and enjoys hiking and other outdoor activities.

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